Best skincare products of 2021

December is the time of last year’s summaries, in 2021 I tested many new products for me and some of them turned out to be hits that I will definitely come back to. Remember that a cosmetic that has worked for me will not always work for you. Each skin is different and needs to be approached individually. My skin is oily in the T zone and it can be acne-prone, so this year I focused on regulating sebum and fighting acne discoloration. The products I liked in 2021 are:

Pure by Clochee make-up remover butter

Make-up removal butters and lotions are the products that suit me best with their consistency. I tested a few of them this year, but this Pure by Clochee butter turned out to be the best. Its main ingredients are mango butter, shea and oils: sunflower seeds and grape seeds. It has a thick consistency and a slightly sweet smell. After a while, the massage dissolves the make-up well. It doesn’t sting the eyes like the Fluff lotion I used before. After dissolving the makeup, I gently rinse my eyes with a damp cotton ball, making sure the eye makeup is removed. I rinse the rest of the cosmetic with lukewarm water and move on to the second stage of facial cleansing. Other cosmetics from the Pure by Cloche line have very good reviews, but I haven’t had the opportunity to test them yet.

masło do demakijażu pure by clochee

Regular price – 40 PLN / 50ml

Biolaven face wash foam

The Biolaven face wah foam turned out to be my favorite for cleaning. It is a very gentle product, but it cleans the skin well. I would describe it as soothing, it smells beautifully grape-lavender, it is efficient. Contains moisturizing ingredients, leaves no feeling of tight and dry skin.

bbiolaven pianka do twarzy

Regular price 23 PLN / 150 ml

Under Twenty prebiotic tonic

The tonic is in the form of a mist. Its active ingredients are: kiwi water (perceptible in the smell), prebiotic, niacinamide and mandelic acid. The AHA acid is mild but effective. It has antibacterial, anti-acne and exfoliating properties and regulates sebum production. Due to its exfoliating properties, I use it twice a week. After its application, the skin is smooth, refreshed and shine is reduced.

tonik prebiotyczny under twenty

Regular price 14.99 / 200ml

Light protective emulsion SPF50 + Basiclab

The Basiclab filter is my first choice when it comes to sun protection, it protects against UVA, UVB and IR blue light. Its formula is light, not too greasy, does not whiten and leaves a satin finish. Works well under makeup. It is odorless. I have no problem distributing it. In addition, it contains a stable form of vitamin C. It is worth hunting for this filter at promotions, its regular price is quite high.

bascilab emulsja spf50

Regular price 119 PLN / 50ml

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