Conscious face care – where to start?

Our body is a complicated machine and the condition and appearance of the skin is influenced by many factors, including diet, hormones, skincare or genetics. The way we care of  our skin every day has a big impact on it. It is worth getting interested in how to properly care of skin, if we want to improve it condition.

What is conscious skincare?

Recognition of the skin type

The first step in conscious skincare is to identify your skin type and subtype and its needs. Then we will find out whether the skin requires hydration, regulation or strengthening of blood vessels.

Choosing the right ingredients and reading the labels

After recognizing the type of our skin, we can focus on its needs. We can choose dedicated ingredients for the right problem. Therefore, before buying a product, you should become familiar with its composition and choose cosmetics consciously.

Patience, testing and observation

Patience and regularity are very important in skincare. It is very important to observe the condition of the skin. Testing cosmetics takes time to be able to observe whether a product is beneficial or harmful. Remember not to use several new products to care at once. With one just one new product it’s easier to see if one and specific, tested cosmetic has clogged pores, made us allergic, etc.

What are correct morning and evening skincare routines? Step by step

The morning skincare routine should begin with washing your face with water and a facial cleansing product (foam, gel, emulsion) in order to get rid of sebum and dirt after the night. The next step is to use a toner or a hydrolate to restore the skin’s pH after using a detergent. Then apply a moisturizing cream and a cream with a sunscrenn filter. You can also use only cream with a filter, if it’s also moisturizing and it’ s sufficient for your skin.

Proper evening skincare starts with removing makeup (if we wear makeup or a waterproof sunscreen filter). Make-up removal should be very precise (with oil, micellar liquid, cleansing butter or milk), make-up leavings should be washed off with water. Such initially cleaned skin, without coloured cosmetics, should be washed with the product for the second stage of cleansing (foam, gel, emulsion). Then we use a toner/hydrolate. Finally, moisturize the face with the cream. The evening skincare routine should also include exfoliation with a peeling once / twice a week. This is the basis and the minimum steps that should be followed. Usually, the care is expanded with additional and optional products, such as serum or mask for specific skin problem. This products should be used with producer’s recomendations.

How did my adventure with conscious skincare started?

I became interested in this topic after many years of fighting with imperfections and oily skin. It started with the fact that I found a video on YouTube about the ingredients of make-up cosmetics and analyzing the composition of my foundation, which I used every day. With time, I delved into the subject of skincare, the biggest mistakes made in my care and INCI of the products. A year has passed since then and my skin condition has improved significantly. That is why I would like to share my experience with you.

It should be remembered that there is no one magic cosmetic that will deal with all of your problems with skin. Improving its appearance with conscious care is a process that requires time and patience. When testing and using new products, we should observe how our skin reacts to them. In the case of advanced and pathological skin changes, you should see a specialist doctor. In times of idealized and filtered photos that we feed on every day in social media, remember, that the skin has its own texture, pores and it is not perfectly smooth. This is normal. Share in the comments what your care looks like and whether you pay attention to the ingredients of cosmetics.

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