Korean skincare in 10 steps

Korean skincare, also known as “K-beauty,” has become very popular worldwide. What is the secret behind the beauty of Korean women? They are known for having well-groomed, smooth, and acne-free skin. This holistic philosophy of skincare is characterized by many steps, a 10-step skincare ritual based on cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing, and sun protection. Unlike the Western approach, which focuses on an evening out skin tone and removing imperfections, Korean skincare focuses on anti-aging skincare and a long-term healthy appearance of the skin.

What are the steps of Korean skincare? The 10-step Korean ritual

Makeup Removal

The first step in Korean skincare is makeup removal. It is essential to thoroughly remove all color cosmetics from the face, which Korean women do use plain oils or oil-based cosmetics. Oils mix well with sebum and dissolve makeup. Korean women also use a towel or cloth to remove the oil from the face along with all the impurities.


The two-step facial cleansing has its roots in Korea. After makeup removal, the skin is washed with a water-based cosmetic, usually a gel containing gentle cleansing agents. Double cleansing ensures thorough cleansing and prevents the formation of blackheads.


After cleansing, Korean women use a peeling product that exfoliates dead skin cells. This step is not part of the daily skincare routine and is carried out 1-2 times a week.


After cleansing, a toner should be used to neutralize the skin’s pH and prepare it for further skincare. Usually, cleaning products have an alkaline pH, while our skin is acidic, and toning should restore its natural pH.


Using essence is one of the distinguishing features of Korean skincare. Essences are cosmetic with a watery and lightweight formula. It is a lighter form of a serum, containing active ingredients, usually moisturizing.

Serum or ampoules

Serums and ampoules are concentrated formulations of skincare products, targeted to specific skin concerns and tailored to individual skin needs. They can help even out skin tone, soothe inflammation, and smooth out wrinkles.

Sheet mask

Koreans love sheet masks, especially those made of cotton or other fabrics, infused with active ingredients. The mask fits snugly onto the face and is left on for a recommended amount of time, after which any remaining product is gently patted into the skin.

Eye cream

The delicate skin around the eyes requires special attention, and a lighter eye cream can be gently patted into the area.


Moisturizing the skin is a crucial step in Korean skincare as well. A well-moisturized skin is less prone to damage and signs of aging. Moisturizer is typically the last step in the evening skincare routine.

Sun protection

Sun protection is another important aspect of Korean skincare. UV rays can cause skin damage, leading to premature aging, wrinkles, and dark spots. Therefore, applying sunscreen is a crucial step in the morning skincare routine.

What kind of skincare products do Koreans use?

Koreans are known for using skincare products that contain natural ingredients. Many Korean skincare products feature plant-based ingredients such as aloe, ginseng, and green tea, which are rich in vitamins and minerals and can soothe and hydrate the skin. Korean skincare brands such as Cosrx, Holika Holika, Benton, It’s Skin, Missha, and Skin79 are becoming increasingly popular in Poland.

It may seem that following all the steps of the Korean skincare routine is time-consuming, but aside from sheet masks, the other steps take little time. Korean skincare can bring positive results in just a few days, helping to cleanse, moisturize, and protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. It’s worth following the principles of Korean skincare to enjoy beautiful skin for a long time.

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