Winter skin care – protection from cold and wind

The weather outside the window don’t spoil us, frost, wind and snow can be felt. In winter, both weather conditions and dry air in heated rooms can negatively affect the condition of our skin. This can appear as dryness, irritation, sensitivity and tightness.

How should winter skincare look like?

  • protection and hydration with appropriate cosmetics

If we don’t notice any negative changes due to the change of season, we can stick to our skincare routine, which works for us. However, if we’re struggling with the mantioned above, it’s worth changing the products to those with richer textures that will better protect the skin against harmful external factors. In winter, the priority will be to moisturize and rebuild the hydrolipid barrier. Cosmetics with ingredients such as ceramides, fatty acids, hyaluronic acid and those soothing irritations (aloe, allantoin, panthenol) will work well. Examples of products that will work well in winter can be found in this post.

  • no overmuch drying and irritation

In the winter period (all year round actually), gentle washing will be the most appropriate. I encourage you to read the article on proper facial cleansing. Aggressive washing and the use of strong washing agents may disrupt the hydrolipid barrier. Although the weather encourages long, hot baths, we should avoid them. Regular use of them will not be good for our skin, it can dry it out. Water that is too hot washes out lipids that protect the deeper layers of the epidermis.

  • taking care of lips and hands

Let’s not forget about the care of the mouth and hands, these are areas that are particularly prone to drying and irritation. The delicate skin of the lips is especially sensitive in winter. It is worth stocking up on moisturizing and regenerating balms, lipsticks. I also encourage you to make a homemade lip scrub, e.g. with a mixture of sugar and honey, to get rid of dry skin.

  • use of sunscreen

It’s a myth that in winter we don’t have to use UV filters. Especially that many people during this period decide on treatments with retinol or acids. Solar radiation reaches the skin, causing damage and photoaging. The intensity of UVA radiation is at the same level, regardless of the season or the weather, while in winter we are less exposed to UVB rays (responsible for sunbathing, burns). Manaslu Extreme Outdoor SPF 50 cream can be especially useful for winter outings.

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